Fire Your Retirement Planner: YOU! Concise Advice on How to Join the $100,000 Retirement Club


You would not hire an amateur for your next root canal or to fix your child’s broken leg. I urge you to read “Fire Your Retirement Planner: You! Concise Advice on how to join the $100,000 Retirement Club” today.



Your family’s future financial security and success is too important to leave in the hands of an amateur – and that amateur would be you!

My name is Rodger Alan Friedman. I am a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor with over 30 years experience working nose to nose and toes to toes with people just like you. I wrote the book “Fire Your Retirement Planner: You !  Concise Advice on how to join the $100,000 Retirement Club”.

In the book you will find specific strategies, guidelines, rules and warnings.

In clear, simple language I lay out the best I have learned over 3 decades as a financial advisor focusing on retirement issues. I have advised many retirees’ on how they could possibly enjoy a six -figure retirement income.

I don’t pull any punches in the book; I lay down rules you need to pay attention to, and offer many time -tested suggestions that I have personally seen work time and time again. There is no academic theory in the book, just workable solutions that I have implemented in my wealth management practice for decades.

You will read about the $24,519 cup of coffee, what not to include in your retirement plan and your retirement plan blind spot. I did not write this book for hedge fund managers. I wrote it for the person who is deeply concerned about their quality of life once their pay -checks stop. Learn if you are a retirement planning under-achiever. Read and discover how to build your Financial Fortress.

In any endeavor, your chances of success multiply when you have a knowledgeable and professional coach. Renting someone else’s experience and expertise can be invaluable to you because it can lessen your chances of financial mistakes that can set you back years. . It also shortens your time to ramp up your knowledge. The most successful people I have ever met have multiple coaches to give them personalized instruction and strategies. These coaches keep them focused on achieving their goals. I wrote this book to be your coach in a box. Buy the book, study and absorb its lessons. Coaching does not have to be expensive to be effective.

You would not hire an amateur for your next root canal or to fix your child’s broken leg. I urge you to read Fire Your Retirement Planner: You!  Concise Advice on how to join the $100,000 Retirement Club” today.

Visit my website, Rodger on today to purchase the book and I will include a special bonus for you. You can also purchase the book on


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