Put your ego away

By all outward appearances, Jack and Cheryl were living the life reserved for the wealthiest people in the country. Jack was a consultant in government contracting earning a little more than $450,000 a year, yet he lived a million dollar lifestyle. There was a new...

I’ve seen millionnaires made and broken

When my friend Dennis said this, I thought, “me too.” How many times during my 30-plus year career in personal finance have I seen millionaires and multi-millionaires spend down their wealth? The number is both sad and shocking – people who should have known better,...

I only invest in __________

In practicing retirement planning for many years, I have come across many people with a variety of opinions on what type of assets should be owned heading into their retirement years. The range of opinions spans the spectrum from “I only invest in income-producing...

Social Security is complicated

Here is an intriguing thought. According to the 2009 Social Security Claiming Guide published by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, you can raise your monthly (Social Security retirement) benefit more than 75%, if you wait. It is easy to understand...

Planning begins with a blank piece of paper

Begin comprehensive planning a minimum 10 years before you plan to retire by having a written financial plan and start to proactively execute the strategies. You can begin saving even without a plan. I started contributing to an IRA account when I was 24 years old. I...
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The overwhelming majority of Americans will face significant financial challenges in retirement. Read and understand the 12 Keys in this report to help you overcome many of the challenges that you will face.
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