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ssues YOU Will Face in Retirement

  • Is it a mistake to think that retirement planning is a do it yourself project?
  • Do you know what the real risks in retirement are?
  • Are you ready to learn about our resources that may help you make better retirement decisions?

This website brings together many resources that can help improve your chances for a financially successful and rewarding retirement. My name is Rodger Alan Friedman; I am a Financial Advisor with 30 plus years of experience, as well as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor SM. I developed Rodger on Retirement to assist you in thinking through the most important issues as you plan, save and invest for the day your paycheck stops.

I have written dozens of articles for you to review and study. Additionally, I have included information on two books I authored, as well as special reports I wrote that examine various issues relating to wealth building, advisory relationships, retirement and financial planning.

I have included a Resource Vault where you will find concise information from leading asset managers on topics such as Roth IRA’s, 401(k) distributions, Medicare, Social Security, long- term care, required minimum distributions and more. The site is updated often with new videos, as well as guest articles.

Bookmark this site, Rodger on and take advantage of the many resources I provide that may serve to enhance your chances for a better retirement outcome.

Publications authored by Rodger Alan Friedman

Testimonials for Forging Bonds of Steel

“This practical, helpful book gives you precious guidance that can help you to achieve lasting financial success.”

Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author
Entrepreneur and Success Expert

 “A brilliant financial advisor is one that not only understands your money, but also truly understand you. How can you build a strong and lasting relationship with this critical partner? Rodger Alan Friedman’s spot-on book will show you the way.”

CEO and Author of
Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

“With extraordinary clarity, pragmatism, insight, and emotional intelligence, Rodger Friedman masterfully provides a highly useful set of tools and common-sense advice to optimize the all-important relationship with your financial advisor.

“We’ve needed a book like this for a long time!”

Former Chief
Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

“Rodger Friedman’s message is timeless.

“It’s all about the relationship.”

Co Founder, Hecht and Company, P.C.
Certified Public Accountants, New York, NY

“An advisor must put himself at risk with honesty to the client to be effective. Rodger hits the nail on the head about the sacred nature of a client-advisor relationship.”

Author, Fables of Fortune: What Rich People Have that You Don’t Want


TESTIMONIALS FOR Fire Your Retirement Planner: YOU!

“Brilliance is not taking a complex issue like retirement and so overwhelming the reader with charts and financial esoteric examples that they may feel so overwhelmed and confused that they are immobilized. Brilliance is what Friedman has done in this book. Through the eyes of one who cares more than the bottom line for his clients, Friedman speaks not only from the years of help his clients achieve their retirement objectives, but is able to share the path with clarity and unbelievable simplicity.

“Fire your Retirement Planner: You! is concrete and is so readable that it is compelling and easy to apply. It is not hyperbole to state that those who read this retirement gem could not only retire well, but also could create an ongoing legacy for those they love. I will recommend his work to everyone I know.”

Author of Hitler’s Priest, The Cross or the Swastika and Roving Leadership: Breaking through the Barriers 2016

“I really enjoyed this book. As an economist, I highly recommend this book as it explains complex financial planning with thoughtful and easy to comprehend examples. Bravo!”

Senior Vice –President; Strategic Impact Advisors
PHD in economics, former Director; Office of Policy, Planning and Research. The Department of Housing and Community Development for the state of Maryland

“Rodger follows up the widely popular Forging Bonds of Steel with what I believe will be another big hit. His newest book, Fire your Retirement Planner: You, is written with humor as well as hard-hitting stories about the complexities of retirement planning.  As I read the stories within his new book I could only think about how the lessons applied to me and my family as well as those I love.  This is a must read for those who want to be grounded in their approach to ensuring they don’t outlive their nest egg they spent a life time building.  Rodger helps bring people back to reality in a thoughtful and caring way.”

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managing Partner
Downpatrick Loch Partners

“Rodger provides readers with easy-to-understand, real life illustrations and actionable ideas to assist with creating a more secure retirement. His book is filled with common sense approaches to increase financial assets intended for income during retirement.”

Raymond James Financial Services

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The overwhelming majority of Americans will face significant financial challenges in retirement. Read and understand the 12 Keys in this report to help you overcome many of the challenges that you will face.
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